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She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from St. George’s University as well as a Diploma in Advanced Makeup Artistry from CMU College of Makeup Art & Design in Toronto, Canada. She has 8 years of experience being a freelance makeup artist and has regionally featured work in a few magazines including SHE Caribbean magazine. You can connect with her over on her blog, Amarnani XO.


Mellany is the Founder of Mellany Motivates, a personal development training company that takes its followers on a journey of self-discovery and encourages each person to become their best self. She holds a Bachelors in Civil Engineering from Howard University, has over 10 years of Project Management experience and spent 24 years mentoring others.

She is passionate about improving quality of life and encouraging women to find balance in every area of life. When she is not facilitating workshops or attending meetings, she is motivating crowds or enjoying life with family and friends. Mellany is also the author of Dancing At The Crossroad, that shares an intimate journey of discovering that she had the power within her to overcome grieving the loss of her Mom, which was the key that allowed her healing process to naturally unfold and gave her inspiration to write.


KayNicole, a small Island girl, who is a Christian, wife and mother. By day, I work in Human Resource; by night, I chase after my curious toddlers, Ray & Ava, while thinking of creative ways to choose joy, daily. Find me over at my blog, KayNicole.


Fayola is a Grenadian dancer, acrobatics coach and the blog writer. She is passionate about conserving Caribbean culture and appreciating what is truly and only ours. She started her blog My Nutmeg Home after noticing that the widely held image of the Caribbean was often a beach. This gave encouraged contrary ideas of what Caribbean people were like. Writing from her corner, her blog seeks to give an authentic view of the Caribbean people, their culture, passions and concerns: The Caribbean beyond the beach.


Carlana Charles is the visionary and editor-in-chief of FemmePowered. She is a womanist, writer, speaker, story midwife and facilitator of meaningful and engaging conversations. When she is not working in or on FemmePowered, she can be found bingeing on Netflix, baking or scribbling furiously in her journal whilst sipping on wine and coffee – sometimes both at the same time. She is currently working on her first book and hopes to release it in September 2017.