Embracing your intuition

Embracing your intuition

I love this woman. She is intuitive, bears a quiet strength and has an uncanny ability to shows up when I’m at a crossroads and need to decide how to navigate my next move. She has an amazing ability to get me thinking and vibrating  on a higher, deeper level and knows the questions to ask to pull out the answers that are already within. She is a friend, a mentor, a wise woman and has contributed in my personal evolution.

This morning as I was scrolling through my Facebook feeds I stumbled upon this video of Tash Mitch sharing wisdom and truth bombs on intuition and accessing and embracing your inner voice. It was very informative and I think anyone that struggles with accessing their inner voice and intuition will find value in listening to it. Now the video below is about 40 mins long, but Tash’s segment on the show is only 25, so you can stop the video after her segment. Be sure to listen and once you’re done, do stop by Tash’s website to get to know her and see what’s she’s about. Happy Monday, y’all!


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