Embrace the season

Embrace the season

What’s up people? It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Usually, I have so much to share and tell, that I post at least once a week. It’s been different lately. I was surprised when I found myself with a jumble of words, emotions, and ideas, but lacking the desire to share. Generally, I would fight this and force my way, but I am learning that there is a season to share and season to be still.

I am still in my still and silent season, and I will come out only at the pace I am supposed to. We are so wired to be doing and to be busy, that embracing stillness and silence is a challenge to us. We don’t like the silence because often times it forces us to ponder and reflect. But we need the stillness to hear our inner voice and discern the direction of the Divine, and we need the silence and quiet to help us lean inward, listen and develop our inner ear. If we are the catch the lessons we need for our seasons, we need to get quiet.

In the silence, I have watched the Divine’s handiwork set things at play for me. Things I have been praying for years have manifested, some struggles have fallen off, and some doors are opening. And some doors are closing, too. It’s been easier than I expected to watch some of these doors close. I also physically, mentally and emotionally set myself free of some people, and this has been profound. Not just because I got to that place, but how easy it was for me to say goodbye. These people were not bad people, I just understood that their part in my story had ended.

I want to let you know that is it okay to go through quiet phases. It’s okay to watch some doors close, some relationships change (or end) and it’s okay to let some dreams go. I didn’t say it is easy, but it’ll be okay. And when you are working with the Divine and embracing these changes, He gives you the capacity to do what needs to be done. So you can let some dreams go without stressing and fussing, and people you’ve had an almost umbilical-type relationship with are easy to let go and get past. Trust me.

This season, I believe the Divine’s mission is to get me to recognize the importance of seasons, and why working with and not against the season you are in is a good thing. I’ve been leaning in, going with the tide, taking the lessons, making notes, laughing, fretting, contemplating, questioning, loving the solitude, being annoyed at the stillness, questioning my existence, preparing for what lies ahead, but most of all, being thankful that I’ve come to this place in my life where I am letting the Divine takes the reins.

So I am leaning in, listening more, talking less, receiving lessons and directions from the Divine. Even though I don’t imagine I’ll be blogging much in the coming weeks or in the next couple of months, you have not been forgotten. But right now, I’m choosing to flow with this season of stillness and silence.

Please check out my upcoming events. These are my last two events for the year and were scheduled over a month ago. My journaling workshop ‘Penning the Words‘ is happening on 16 September and in November, my final event for the year – Wise Women, Foolish Choices. More details on this one coming soon. For updates on events and more, you can get my monthly newsletter.



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