#domoredreamless plot twist

#domoredreamless plot twist
Ever since I announced in the group the dreams/goals I’d be focusing on over the next three months, I’ve been feeling unsettled in my spirit. I’m not religious but deeply spiritual. A connection with my spirit side informs the way I live, lead and try to show up in the world. I try to live in recognition that there is a Higher Power that wants to guide and lead me in the direction I need to be. I believe that if I am to go in the right direction, I must be attuned and attentive to the Spirit.

I’m restless. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled by the stars again. – Anaïs Nin

Restlessness and feelings of being pulled in another direction are common signs that I need to pause and reflect. I decided to tap into my Spirit through journaling, reflection, meditation and prayer and have decided that for the next quarter, my #domoredreamless focus will not be on raising the profile of FemmePowered or expanding Paperclip. Instead, my focus will be on self-care: nurturing and developing the relationship with my mind, body and spirit, and loving myself in a radical and holistic way.  I have never dedicated anytime is my 30+ years just to focus on me. I’m not sure where to begin. I have no cheat sheets, and I don’t have a formula for what wellness and self-care for me looks like. This will be quite an undertaking and my biggest challenge ever. I am so ready.
Why am I sharing this? Well, not to scare you away from the group, or for you to think I am a flake. I’m sharing because of late, transparency is terribly important to me and I wanted to remind you of something. Well, remind myself too. And that is –  oftentimes, we are so invested in striving for goals, striving for dreams, striving for things, that we neglect ourselves and strip away much needed balance from our lives.
Balance – That elusive, complex, weighty word. Sometimes trying to find it is a task in itself. But I so need balance now. Because truth be told, right now, I feel terribly lopsided. I need to unify the fragmented pieces of me, so I can be my best self and put my best self out in the world. You see, the work I do with FemmePowered and my company Paperclip leads me to give a lot of myself to my projects, clients and partners. This is not a complaint. It is a tremendous honor because the work I do makes me feel like I am walking in my Divine purpose. But sometimes I struggle with maintaining my center, whilst I open and give to others. Taking some time to nourish my center will be helpful. Taking the time to bring unity in my mind, body, spirit and learning to love myself in a kinder, softer yet radical way is crucial. And at this point of my life, it’s more priority than growing my brand and reaching new audiences. I’m in a life-long relationship with the best and most important person in my life…ME. I need to do attend to self now.
I’m so glad that others have already joined the community and committed to doing less dreaming and being active in the manifesting of their dreams. We’d love for you to join us if you have not already done so. I want to see you accomplish those dreams that won’t let you do and I want you to see me remain committed to this pursuit of holistic self-care and radical self-love. We may have different things we want to focus on but with support, encouragement and some dedication, we can all get there. If you want to join us, click on the graphic directly above or here to get started.

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