Christmas came early

Christmas came early

Can you believe it’s already December! Time sure flies, huh?

Sisterhood In Motion came and went and it was phenomenal. A week later, we are still getting great feedback on the event. We are thankful to all who supported – vendors, speakers, attendees, event workers and more. I’m looking forward to seeing the new community that will emerge and the connections that will form. Here’s to Sisterhood! If you’d like to see event pics, feel free to stop by the FemmePowered Facebook page and you can learn more about the event on the FemmePowered site.

So today my friends Cathy and Leon delivered a box of goodies to me which included some books I’ve been longing for. I love books and get giddy in bookstores and feel like a kid at Christmas when I get books as gifts. It was like Christmas had come early for me today.

No matter how many books I have, I can’t refuse or resist the temptation to get more. Plus, anything on writing to heal, modeling healthy relationships and overcoming and thriving domestic after domestic violence is so up my alley. In the coming days I intend to carve out some space and make time to get down to reading. I want to create explore creating new content and courses and I’ll be needing these books as material. Stay tuned for more insights on these topics in future posts. I’ll also be doing a monthly feature on these and other books, so let’s stay connected in 2016. There’ll be more frequent posting, features, interviews and more. Happy Sunday evening. I’m off to do some reading 🙂


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