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In 2006 I launched by first online business. I provided marketing, customer service and administrative support to small businesses and solopreneurs. Fast forward to almost ten years later, I’m still earning a living mostly from the web. I have learned MANY lessons along the way, made MANY blunders and would do so many things differently if I could go back and start from scratch again.

Of course, time travel, as far as I know is not possible. However, there’s no reason why my knowledge cannot be shared. After all, who wouldn’t want to learn from someone who has walked the road and use their knowledge to build a better, stronger sustainable business?

Working online for a decade is quite a long time in terms of internet years. I’ve seen some many things change in the online landscape. Must do’s that never panned out, seen the next best thing in the social media world fizzle, and a whole lot of hype and fluff. I’ve been able to weather many storms and build a professional life I find satisfying yet challenging.

Of course, this does not mean that I have all the answers. However from my time being a business owner to a mostly web-based audience there’s a lot I can teach and share with new and aspiring webpreneurs. I’ve got a firm grasp on what it takes to succeed and I know what it takes to build, grow and sustain a business that caters primarily to a web-based audience.  Let me help you fast track your success so you get there faster, with minimal stress, headache, frustration, pitfalls and the occasional tears.

Let’s talk about how you can build your very own brilliantly blissful business. I offer consulting sessions, an e-course and workshops. Whatever option you choose, know that I’m committed to helping you craft and build the sustainable, life altering business you’ve always dreamed of.

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