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Alas! Branding solutions that are bespoke, clear, concise and intentionally crafted. Let’s talk about Brand Spark.

Brand Spark is all about breathing new life into weak, muddled and indistinguishable brands. It’s also a perfect fit for the brand that lacks clarity, is looking to redefine, wants to revamp or a bit of inspirational direction. It’s also an ideal solution for the brand that needs a bit of direction in becoming more visible. With Brand Spark the emphasis is all about strengthening your existing brand and making it better through effective brand therapy and bespoke consulting. If you are looking to change focus in your online business or revamp your existing business so that it clicks with your audience and clearly articulate the goals of your business then we should we talk! Click here to set up a consultation.

Emerge is the bespoke brand development and crafting service offered by FemmePowered. It’s different from Brand Spark in we start from scratch, taking an idea or concept and develop it into a distinguishable and solid brand. We go from concept to launch.

By now you’e probably asking how this works. Well, the concept is quite simple. Bring your business idea, and together we’ll turn out a stand-out brand because Emerge is all about helping you create a solid brand from the go, taking you from idea to launch.

You get all that you need to position you or your businesses as an authentic and memorable brand and I’m not talking about a logo or some cheesy tagline. There’s so much more that goes into building a brand. Some of this includes business conceptualization, copywriting for your website, brand collateral and a solid marketing strategy for your business just for starters.

Schedule a complimentary 15 minute session with me. The aim of this session is to get an understanding of your business, determine if we are a good fit and if we are, chart the way forward.


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