Introducing Aye Gyal

Introducing Aye Gyal

Hello people. Happy Monday. How is April unfolding for you? On my end, it holds great promise and the opportunity to step into new doors.

Less than a week ago, I launched Aye Gyal. Aye Gyal is an online publication that focuses on women telling their stories of triumph, struggle, pain, resilience and other range of human emotions. The idea behind Aye Gyal is to show that we all have stories, our stories matter and when we acknowledge and give them voice, they can bring meaningful change to ourselves and others. Aye Gyal is for women from the Caribbean and Diaspora. I invite you to check out the space and stories and do consider sharing your story. You can do so openly or anonymously.

I’ll also be in Trinidad this month conducting a workshop on Journaling and Personal Storytelling on 29th April. The workshop will be held at Unwined, a cute little wine bar in East Trinidad, near Port of Spain. Let your Trini friends know and stay tuned to updates from the event. Oh, and there’ll be no Cocktails & Conversations this month.

We have a lot of things in store for the FemmePowered community. In October we will be hosting a Journaling and Storytelling retreat at a fantastic location in the countryside, more details coming soon. We will also be doing a repeat of Self Defense for Women in June. We are still working out the dates for the self defense workshop, but we are limiting this to 12 women, so first come first served. You can register HERE. Never mind the flyer on the page says 2016 :). The event is the same.

Thanks for reading. I won’t keep you much longer. Here’s to a great week. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


As of May 2017 Aye Gyal is under the same ‘roof’ of FemmePowered. We decided that the stories we posted at are within the context of empowering women and decided they should be part of the site. You can catch all posts here. Feel free to submit your story be sending an email to


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