Anytime yuh need ah lover

Anytime yuh need ah lover

Each Tuesday and Friday I look forward to them coming through. They are always polite, funny and sometimes a bit flirty.

If I’m outside we exchange small talk and pleasantries. If I’m inside they’ll call out greetings and I shout them back. They help keep the community clean and work the garbage truck route in my area. This morning I was so busy chatting with them I forgot to bring the trash out and had to go chase the truck down.

They stopped, took the garbage and use the opportunity to flirt. ‘Anytime yuh need ah lover call on me‘, says the tall, slim, dark one. I burst out laughing so hard because I just didn’t see it coming because he’s the quiet one who generally just smiles and had recently suffered a personal traumatic loss. On top of that, his words were a direct ripoff of Jah Cure’s lyrics, delivered with such passion and intensity.

What’s not to love about island life and it’s friendly (and sometimes flirty) people, eh? 

Carlana Charles is the visionary and editor-in-chief of FemmePowered. She is a womanist, writer, speaker, story midwife and facilitator of meaningful and engaging conversations. When she is not working in or on FemmePowered, she can be found resting, baking, reading or scribbling furiously in her journal whilst sipping wine or coffee, sometimes both at the same time. She is currently working on her first book and hopes to release it in September 2018.


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