If personal transformation and growth is your thing and you’re into workshops and being in the fellowship of other like-minded women, then Transform Your Story Transform Your Life is quite likely the event for you. The event features three women coaches and speakers: Tash Mitch on empowering your money story, Carol Vazquez on empowering your words and Carlana Charles on empowering your life story. The workshop aims to demonstrate the power of the spoken word and how transforming the way we frame our experiences can change our lives.

All three presenters are speakers and coaches who work primarily with women. Tash Mitch is a life and business coach. She’s based in the UK and travels frequently to Grenada where she has hosted and collaborated on events. Carol Vazquez is the founder and president of GARP – the Grenada Association of Retired Persons. As a speaker and life coach she recently spoke at Sisterhood In Motion that was hosted by FemmePowered and also at UN event in Dominica, on the topic aging. Carlana Charles is the Visionary of FemmePowered, an online community, and magazine committed to empowering women, no matter their story. She’s also the Story Midwife at the Birthing Project and helps women use their words and story to heal and birth wonder in their lives.

You can catch more info on the flyer below. Keri of 473 Pulse will be at the event and will provide a recap and review so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, if you wish to register, please contact GARP on 473.417.1161 or message Tash on her.