Wow! What a month. I’ve had so much work-wise on my plate I’ve gone almost a month without updating the blog. I’m still here, just inundated with work, very busy and very grateful. Here’s a look at some of the  projects I’ve been able to complete this month – 2 brand spanking new website designs and a blog theme customization for a lifestyle and natural/afro hair blogger, NappyBella.

First up, an update to a mobile responsive web design for client, Jameson Integrators. A few years ago I did there very first website and they wanted some new and fresh for the new direction of their company. They favor a very corporate look and something clean and easy to navigate. Don’t you just love repeat customers? Carlana & Co. also did their new logo as well.

JamesonIntegrators 2

Up next is a project that really resonated with me. A modern, mobile responsive and fresh design for the Willie Redhead Foundation. Since 1994 the Foundation has worked tirelessly to ensure that the cultural heritage and the beauty and charm of Grenada is maintained. Be sure to visit to site and learn more about the work they do and how you can support their efforts. Did I mention that Carlana & Co. also designed the Foundation’s new logo?

Last and certainly not least is a blog design for lifestyle and natural hair blogger, NappyBella. Carlana & Co. also did her social media pages as well as her business cards. The logo was also created from an image purchased from a stock photography site. This site is poised to become Grenada’s most foremost natural hair website and I’m very proud to be a part of this project. Check out the site and feel free to like and connect with her on social media.