We all have stories to tell. We all have experiences to share. I believe we live our lives for others, informing and inspiring as we navigate our way through life. The good and bad experiences and the highs and lows of life can act as a catalyst to birthing something greater if we view them from the right perspective. There’s beauty to be gained from sharing even the ugliest and the lowest moments of our lives. There’s also much to be gained from sharing stories of overcoming and thriving.


So let me tell you about Birthing.

Birthing is my program to help those with stories that can impact others put those stories out there. You may not be a writer or a speaker but we all have something to share. Your story is no less significant than mine and can birth hope, confidence and inspiration to others. You may also opt to just get it out and keeping it to yourself. That’s fine, too. Birthing will show you how. With the Birthing program I offer one-to-one coaching all the way to helping you connecting with the right audience for your message and stories. I also give guidance on how to write to bring healing. If you have a burning desire to share your stories with others, be it in the form of speaking or a book, I provide the guidance and hand-holding to make this possible. Remember, we are all here to touch and impact each other. No story is insignificant and I want to help you. Sounds interesting? Then let’s get started.

Coming soon in:

  • Real Talk: Relationships that are Real 

Stay tuned for details.

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