Creative by design

I have a theory about creativity. I believe that each and every single being is creative. Even you. Even me.

I didn’t always think that way. In fact, even as I type this, I can recall instances where I referred to specific people as being creative. I felt they were creative because they were doing things to express their creativity because they were born that way. A long time after I realized that their creativity was only made manifest because they choose to activate it. They designed, they painted, they sewed they sculpted. They DID. 

You are creative. You have the ability to create not just stuff but the life and dreams you desire. Even the hidden ones, the ones you tuck away in the deepest recesses of your heart; the ones you’re afraid to dream and dare not acknowledge. My sweet, you can create anything you put your mind, heart and hand to. And it’s not just because you’re blessed, but because within you is a creative gene, one planted by the Creator at the time of your creation. All it needs is your cooperation to take you on a journey you can’t begin to imagine. All it needs is for you to acknowledge that you are creative and start tapping into your stream of creativity.

Sometimes we get epiphanies at the oddest times. I remember having an argument with someone who was trying to manipulate me and then recognizing that I didn’t need this person in my life. I realized in that moment that with or without them I was enough and I would succeed. I felt my spirit speaking through me as I asserted my power, position and stance. Actually, I think it was the spirit side of me that propelled me to speak the words that tumbled boldly and unapologetically from my mouth. I can still see the expression of shock on his face when I boldly declared I was not compromising or giving in because I was all I had and if I couldn’t be true to be I’d rather be dead. And I meant every word of it. Bold indignation on his part was replaced by begging when this here girl started exercising her power!

Resolute in my truth, I calmly stated that I didn’t need him and with our without his support, I’d get the life I desired and accomplish you goals. You see, I realized in that moment that everything I needed to create the life I desired was already within me. Not just purpose or passion, but the creative gene to make things happen. It was there all along. In fact, I like to think it was put there by the Creator at the time of my creation. All I needed was already within. The ability to make money, to develop ideas, to be the best at what I do and make an independent life was already coded into my DNA. I only needed to do was dutifully tap into that creative area of my life and allow it to manifest and then hone it.

Recognizing that by design, I was creative, has inspired me to go hard for what I want. Believing and accessing your creativity can do amazing things for you. Give creativity a try and see.


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